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A Higher Level of Safety

Samcon has a well-established safety program that goes beyond government and private sector ES&H requirements.

Each project is evaluated by our safety officer and project-specific plans are created. Policies outline responsibilities for management, field crews and subcontractors. Employees receive training regularly (including OSHA training), and Samcon holds an annual company-wide Safety Day where we review the year and provide updates to the program.

Daily and weekly safety meetings ensure that safety always comes first. Quality control and safety go hand in hand since a clean, orderly, well-planned workplace is a safe workplace where quality work will be produced. By foreseeing conditions that might lead to lapses in quality work or safety, Samcon avoids costly disruptions and time-consuming corrections.

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We have a Higher Level of Safety
  • OSHA training
  • Company wide safety days
  • Daily and weekly meetings to review safe best practices