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Civil Division

Samcon’s Civil Division specializes in the construction and installation of utility services for municipalities, community water associations, private developers, public institutions, and industrial buildings.

The success of our work is based on serving our customers with professional and quality service. This means knowing what needs to be done, having the knowledge and experience to perform the work, and being flexible to respond to changing customer needs, project schedules, and construction site challenges.

Our customers are not only the agencies and companies who award the contracts but also the end-users. These include small residential communities adjusting to a new water supply system, cities and towns needing improved infrastructures, expanding schools and universities, and federal facilities requiring new technology and services.








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Civil Division
Civil Utility Projects
  • Construction Management and Oversight
  • Underground Utilities Installation
  • Land & Subdivision Developments
  • Drinking Water Supply & Distribution Systems
  • Irrigation Water Distribution Systems
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants and Sewer Lines
  • Parks and Recreation Areas
  • Drainage Structures and Storm Drains
  • Utility System Upgrades
  • Trenchless Construction Methods
  • Site Preparation, Earthwork, Grading, Excavating
  • Land Restoration and Reclamation (resurfacing, erosion control, re-vegetation, landscaping)
  • Regulatory Compliance (construction industry and environment permits, licenses, worker safety standards)